Frequently Asked Questions

How do I finance my tiny house?



This is one of the most important questions to answer if you are ready to do tiny. There are a number of ways to pay for your tiny house:

1. Cash - Many people save up, sell their home and use the proceeds, or borrow the money from family and pay cash for their tiny house.

2. Light Stream - They finance tiny homes. You can contact them at

3. A personal loan - If you have good credit sometimes your bank will loan you the money as a personal loan. These loans can have slightly higher interest rates and shorter terms than other types of loans

4. South Star Bank - They only finance completed tiny homes. For rates and terms you can contact them directly at (512) 992-1457 

Where can I park my tiny house?


We suggest parking your tiny house at the Manor Tiny Wildlife Resort. They are a legal tiny house community just outside Austin. Call 512-803-7158 and ask for Marc.

How can I live in 300 sqft?


The idea of living in only 300 sqft seems untenable to some people, yet this trend is not new it has been developing over the last 30 years with thousands joining every year. The key to living tiny is keeping only the things you truly need and unburdening yourself of the stuff and things we all collect. This coupled with a tiny house well designed to both be spacious and feel spacious can make going tiny very freeing.